eConciliador – the simple and smartest way to negotiate!

What is conciliation?

Conciliation is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties to a dispute can use our “e-conciliator” platform to attempt to resolve their differences. Conciliation is thus a quick and cost effective way to resolve a dispute -w whether customer service, law suit or outstanding debt.

What is eConciliador?

eConciliador is an AI-Driven platform that provides users the ability to negotiate and settle their customer service complaints, lawsuits or outstanding debt in a simple fast and secure manner.

Why use eConciliador?

eConciliador allows you to negotiate wherever and whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, avoiding unnecessary delay, costs and stress over traditional and antiquated methods. We seek to facilitate an agreement between you and the company. Users are able to settle their disputes in less than 5 minutes.

How much does it cost to use eConciliador?

There is no fee to negotiate and settle your claim. eConciliador is retained by companies at no cost to their clients and as a way to facilitate a settlement with their customers.

Is the conciliation process all online?

All negotiation is digital, from the invitation to the finalization of the agreement. No need to download an App or install any software. Users can access, negotiate and settle their cases on their smartphones, computers, or tablets.

Is it safe?

Your information is protected and travels through a layer of SSL encryption. The data is also stored in an encrypted manner, preventing improper access to your information.

Who can access eConciliador?

Companies who have retained eConciliador determine which cases they wish to invite to settle. As such, unless you have received an invitation to settle your case, you would not be able to access our platform. However, you can always reach out to any of our clients requesting that your case is uploaded to our platform and for you to receive the invitation.

I received an Email/SMS invitation. What should I do?

The invitation received contains the access link to the eConciliador platform. Once you have logged in, you will have access to the details of your case. Once you initiate the negotiation, simply make your proposal, negotiate and settle your case.

How does eConciliador determine the value that is acceptable?

The negotiation limits and conditions are set by the company. The eConciliador platform will analyze your proposals against the company’s settlement policy and determine if it is acceptable. If not, within seconds you will have a new counterproposal from the company for you to decide if you accept

Are settlements made through eConciliador valid?

Yes. We are authorized by companies who have contracted the eConciliador platform to make proposals and resolve cases so long as they meet the company’s settlement policies.

How do I hire the services of eConciliador?

You can send us a message at [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Who can hire the services of eConciliador?

Companies, Law Firms, and Debt Collection Agencies who want to open another digital channel for their customers, clients or counterparties. By automating all workflows in the settlement process through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we are able to assist users in negotiating and settling claims 24/7. eConciliador can negotiate not just monetary settlements, but also vouchers, coupons and even performance obligations. When necessary, eConciliador can also generate settlement agreements that can be e-signed. Customers benefit by having a new fast, simple and stress-free option to settle their claim and companies can improve their customer retention, corporate image and reduce claims handling costs through eConciliador. A win-win for everyone.